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 Mais Stats de Dungeons of Dread

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MensagemAssunto: Mais Stats de Dungeons of Dread   Seg Mar 03, 2008 9:33 am

Spectral Panther

32 points, uncommon, underdark, wild, medium


Attack Actions

Claw: +13 vs. AC: 20 damage

Beast* Shadow

Special Powers

Fade out: Remove this creature from the battle map at the end of a round in which it first becomes bloodied. It remains off the battle map for the next round. Before rolling initative for the following round, place it on the battle map at least 5 squares from all enemies.

Pounce +20: +20 damage on charge when this creature has combat advantage against target.

Stalker: +4 attack and +10 damage when this creature is the only creature adjacent to target.


Dire wolf

16 points, uncommon, borderlands,wild, large

level: 5
AC 18
DEF: 15
HP: 40

Attack Actions

Bite: +10 vs. AC: 15 damage

+4 DEF(will)

Special Powers

Bring down prey: Whenever this creature hits a target adjacent to a wolf ally, that target is immobilized(speed 0).

Gnaw: +10 damage against Immobilized targets.


Spectral Magelord 26 points

Factions: Civ, Und
Level 7
AC 17
Def 15
Speed F6
HP 35

Attack Actions:
B: Ghostly Touch +7 vs DEF REF 10 damage
R Aether Blast Range 10 +9 vd Def Fort 15 damage and staggered
A Spectral dissipation range 10 radius 1 +9 vs def will 15 damage and enervated (save ends) recharge when an enervated creature is destroyed

Insubstantial (Half damage from all attacks except criticals)
Phasing Can move through walls blocking terrain and enemies

Special powers
Wandering Monster Sets up in a random victory area


Runecarved Eidolon
Pts 52

Faction Civ Wild
Level 13
AC 23
Def 20
Speed 4
HP 60

Attack Action:
B Slam +18 vs ac 30 damage
R Divine Retribution Nearest +12 vs def ref 30 damage

Immune Poison
Reach 2

Special Powers
Divine beacon: replaces attack action: until end of round, allies get +2 attack and +5 damage
Eidolon Programming: This creature can not use M or R attacks until it has been attacked or an ally has been destroyed
Statue Form: This creature has +5 ac and +5 def if it has not yet activated


Emerald orb Wizard

33 pts


Lvl 9
AC 20
Def 23
Spd 7

HP 40

Human Wizard

Main Attack: Dagger +8 vs AC, 5 damage

Burst: Orb Blast (All adjacent creatures) 10 damage
Ranged burst: Sudden Spike (Nearest, Radius 2) +11 vs. Def (Ref) 20 damge + 10 if on difficult Terrain
[] Ranged Burst: Shard Storm (Range 10 Radius 2) +7 vs. Def ( Ref) 25 damage; hit or miss: 1 clear square becomes difficult

Special powers
Orb Ward: Enemies whose Melee attack misses this creature takes 15 damage


Tiefling Warlock
27 pts

Civ/ Und

Lvl 8
AC 22
Def 18
Spd 6
HP 55

+4 def (Will)

Main Attack: Soul Blast: +8 vs. Def (Fort) 15

Ranged Inevitable Blast (Range 10) +8 vs. Def (Ref) 20 Damage, 10 on miss if your warband outnumbers opponents warband

[] Ranged Price of Pride (Range 5) +8 vs. Def (will) 20 Damage and 10 Damage whenever target's attack roll is natural 10+ (max once per turn) until end of battle.

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Mensagens : 517
Data de inscrição : 23/01/2008
Idade : 45
Localização : RS

MensagemAssunto: Re: Mais Stats de Dungeons of Dread   Seg Mar 03, 2008 9:33 am

Dwarf Shieldmaiden

49 pts


Lvl 12
AC 27
Def 20
Spd 5
HP 75

Dwarf Fighter
+4 def (Fort)
Bloody Crit 18+

Main Attack: Warhammer +18 vs AC, 20 damage

[] Deny the weak: Use when hit by adjacent bloddied enemy's attack; that enemy rerolls that attack



29 pts


Lvl 9
AC 23
DEF 22
Spd f7
hp 50

Evil Gargoyle Earth

Main: Claw +13 vs AC, 15 DAmage

Melee: Stonesoul Frenzy: Use only if this creature began turn in stone form, move up to spd and attack each enemy once whose space it enters this turn: +11 vs. Def (Ref), 15 damage and slowed (spd 2)

Special Powers

Stone Form: Replaces attack Action; creature cannot move attack or threaten enemies, gains resist 20 all, if it starts turn in stone form, may end stone form as move action. While in stone form, Gargoyle cannot score VPs.


Giant Centipede

9 pts

lvl 4
AC 19
Def 15
spd 4
HP 35

Defensive mobility: +5 ac vs AoO while moving

main: +9 vs AC, 15 Damage

Special Abilities
Scuttle +4: +4 spd if every square this creature moves ino is adjacent to a wall

Wriggle 3: Before Attacking on it's turn, this creature must move 3 squares
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Mensagens : 517
Data de inscrição : 23/01/2008
Idade : 45
Localização : RS

MensagemAssunto: Re: Mais Stats de Dungeons of Dread   Seg Mar 03, 2008 10:44 am

Cost 57
Faction Borderlands/Wild
Level 13
AC 28
Def 25
Speed F8
HP 80
Bite: +18 vs AC; 20 Damage
Sting: +19 vs AC; 15 damage and followup
followup: +19 vs Def (fort) ongoing 15 poison damage

Abilities: Beast
Special Powers: Mobile Melee Attack: Can shift immediately after making a attack.


Shadowhunter Bat
Cost 10
Faction UD/Wild
Level 3
AC 17
Def 17
Speed f8
HP 30
Tail Slash +8 vs AC; 10 damage

Abilities: Beast * Shadow * Flight

Special Powers
Shadow Killer: +5 Damage against shadowed targets
Mobile Melee Attack: Can shift immediately after making attack


Shadow Demon
Cost 42
Faction: Bor/UD
Level 11
AC 21
Def 23
Speed F8
HP 60
Shadow Claw: +12 vs Def (ref); 15 Damage and Shadowed
Evil * Demon * Shadow
Insubstantial: Half Damage from all attacks except criticals
Resist 5 Necrotic

Special Powers:
[q] Deathport: Immeaditly after any creature has been destroyed, place this creature in a square that was adjacent to the destroyed creature.

Shadowed: Whenever affected creature activates, it and any adjacent allies take 5 damage: effect ends when it ends its turn at least 5 squares from Shadow enemies.


Halfing Paladin
Cost 21
Faction Civ
Level 7
AC 23
Def 20
speed 5
HP 60
Attack: Longsword +12 vs AC; 15 damage
: +12 vs AC: 15 damage AND this creature or 1 living ally within 5 squares heals 10 hp

Good * Halfling * Paladin
Immune Fear

Special Powers:
Charge Protection: Enemies can't charge allies who are within 5 squares of this creature

[q] Second Chance: reroll one of this creatures attacks


Champion of Baphomet
Cost 66
Faction: Civ/Wild
Level 13
AC 23
Def 22
Speed 7
HP 95

Attack: Maze Hammer: +19 vs AC; 30 damage AND push target up to 2 squares
Bewildering Strike: +15 vs DEF (will) 25 damage and target makes a basic attack against a creature of your choice, including its allies.

Evil * Minotaur
+4 Def (fort)
reach 2

Special Powers: Ferocity: When reduced to 0hp, this creature can make an immediate attack before being destroyed.

Champion 3
* Reroll a charge attack that missed
* Use when a bloodied ally hits with a attack: +15 damage



38 points,rare,borderlands,civilization Large

AC: 21
DEF: 20
Speed: 8
HP: 70

Attack Actions

Greatsword: +15 vs. AC: 20 Damage

[]Freezing Blast:(large cone) +15 vs. DEF(fort): 20 cold damage.

[] Lightning Bolt: (line 10) +15 vs.DEF(ref): 20 lightning damage.


Reach 2
Sneak attack 10: +10 damage whenever this creature has combat advantage against target.

Special Powers

[]Gaseous Form: This creature gains flight and speed F8 and takes half damage from all attacks until the next time it attacks.


Drow Wand Mage

50 points, uncommon, underdark, medium

Level 11
AC: 21
DEF: 24
Speed: 6
HP: 45

Attack Actions

Dagger: +13 vs. AC: 10 damage

[] Icy ray:(range 10,3 targets) +11 vs.DEF(fort): 25 cold damage AND slowed(speed 2): Recharge if this creature starts its turn with no adjacent enemies.

Wand blast:(sight radius 1) +13 vs. DEF(ref):20 damage


Feyweave:+4 AC and +4 DEF against attacks

Special Powers

Combat Teleport: whenever a attack misses this creature place the attacker up to 3 squares away in line of sight.

Champion Powers 2

*use before you roll for initiative. This round Evil allies score criticals against Bloodied targets on attack rolls of natural 16+.

* Reroll an allies attack that deals cold or necrotic damage.
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Mais Stats de Dungeons of Dread
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