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 Guy se despede dos jogos

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MensagemAssunto: Guy se despede dos jogos   Qua Fev 13, 2008 10:50 am

Ontem, foi postado no blog da gleemax o texto de despedida de Guy Fullerton dos jogos DDminis.
O post arrancou felicitações do mundo do todo. Fico feliz de ter conseguido realizar nossa entrevista pessoal com ele antes da sua saida dos jogos, o que a torna muito importante.

Desejo de coração só o melhor para ele e sua familia, e confesso que eu como pai de familia e jogador fiquei especialmente tocado pela mensagem de despedida.

Segue ela na integra abaixo.

Posted By: Guy Fullerton, 2/10/2008 10:31:23 AM

I've had a couple obsessions for the last 6 years or so.

Six years ago, having obsessions wasn't a big deal.

Now, however, obsessions are a problem. My obsessions became the default things for me to do, and they took a lot of time away from things that should have been a much higher priority. That's bad. Example: I might take my son to the park, but instead of playing with him, I'd stand there with my iPhone and engage in my obsessions. Great. (Not.)

On a couple different instances, I tried to scale back on the obsessions. This was somewhat successful, but only for a short time. Regardless of whether I was "officially" engaged in my obsessions or not, I'd still spend the same amount of time on them. I'd always find new ways to engage in my obsessions.

I finally learned that when I engage in an obsession, I engage very deeply. It's nigh impossible for me to just deal with that obsession casually. I always sink in deeper, and it always negatively affects three or four other very important aspects in my life. (I intentionally avoided calling it an addiction, because it wasn't quite that bad, but it was starting to get close.)

So last Friday, I abandoned those obsessions. Yeah, abandoned. Meaning, I'm trying real hard to not engage in them at all. At all. I'm not going to do it, or read about it, or talk about it. (And the literal objects of my obsession are going to a better home.) And right now, that's the best decision for me.

You might speculate that certain frustrations directly related to my obsessions also contributed to my decision. You'd be right, but only to a point. Sure, those frustrations reduced my enjoyment of the obsessions a bit, but I still found ways to deeply obsess. In some ways, my frustrations actually pushed me deeper into my obsessions. The real contribution, however, was that my most recent batch of frustrations finally caused me to step back and see what was really happening. Even though my frustrations didn't make me want to abandon my obsessions, my frustrations did let me realize that I needed to stop. (Edit: I want to make this very clear: My frustrations did not cause me to abandon my obsessions. I abandoned my obsessions because my obsessions were messing up other parts of my life. Even if I had no frustrations regarding my obsessions, I would/should have still abandoned them.)

Will I be back? Not for the foreseeable future. But if I can eventually get myself to a point where I can engage in that activity without obsessing (which might also require the mechanics of the activity to change too), then perhaps I will come back to it. However, that's risky for me to even try; do I risk slipping into the obsession again? Not any time soon, certainly.

In some ways, this is sad. I'll miss all the positive aspects of the obsession. (And there were indeed lots of positive, constructive aspects. I learned lots of amazing things and got to work with lots of amazing people.) But in other ways, this is a really happy thing. Yesterday, I took my son to the park and I *played* with him!

Last Edited By: Guy Fullerton, 2/10/2008 6:47:08 PM
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Guy se despede dos jogos   Qua Fev 13, 2008 11:24 am

nao apenas foi um texto bacana, como achei importante as colocações dele sobre aproveitamento de tempo.

muito legal mesmo
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Guy se despede dos jogos
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